Every mom deserves to have the support she needs to meet her breastfeeding goals. 

I offer lactation support in your home in the Gwinnett County, Ga area or anywhere in the world via a telehealth visit.  

Breastfeeding is all natural but it is not always so easy to get started...

You and your baby are completely new to all of this.  ... you have to expect there to be a little learning curve. But, luckily you don't have to go it alone. I happen to LOVE helping new mamas and babies with breastfeeding . And with over 30 years of experience helping mamas and babies as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, and as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (and  having breastfed my own 4 boys)- you can trust that you will be met with kindness, compassion and the knowledge and support you need to help you reach your own goals. You won't find any guilt here. So, let's find the best way to meet your motherhood goals right where you are.    

I Accept Most Insurance Plans 

 If you are interested in scheduling a lactation consultation, and you have insurance, let's START HERE first. I accept most insurance plans including BCBS PPO, Cigna and United through Lactation Network. They will verify your coverage and if your policy is in-network you will receive 3 visits at no cost to you. Verification is very quick - usually less than 90 minutes. 

  1. Click the link to verify your coverage. 
  2. Check your email for your approval
  3.  Then book your appointment below or email me
  4. If your insurance is not in-network, book your appointment under  Lactation Consult without Insurance link below
  5. (I have various payment options including payment plans and HSA/FSA accounts. ) I will give you a superbill to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

If you have any questions send me a message on the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Book a Lactation Consult With Your Insurance

Wherever you are in your breastfeeding journey I want to help you reach your goals

And your location doesn't have to be  what limits you from getting help any longer. I can meet you wherever you are there too! In your home in person or via televisit. Let's work together to reach your breastfeeding goals. 

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Virtual Lactation Consults

I actually LOVE doing virtual consults. They are much more relaxed (moms aren't so worried about the dirty dishes in the sink and the new baby mess all over the house - but I would never even notice that anyway - mom of 4 boys and all 🤣) There are some challenges to overcome by not being together in person but with an experienced lactation consultant (like me!) and some good props and instructions, we can work through these issues . And of course, the ability to meet virtually means no matter where you are in the world, lactation consultations are available to you.  

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Book a Lactation Consult without Insurance
Book a Lactation Consult with Insurance
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In Home Lactation Consults (Metro Atlanta - Gwinnett)

In Home Lactation Consultations are the gold standard of lactation support because you can get the most hands on assistance from the lactation consultant. In this consult, both mother and baby can receive the most thorough examinations with the maximum amount of hands-on positioning and assistance. In this consult, the baby can also be weighed. This type of consultation is only available to families in my local Gwinnett County/Metro Atlanta area. Of course, I have received my COVID vaccines and will take precautions to keep you are your family safe. 

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Book a Lactation Consult with Insurance
Have Questions about which consult is right for you? Send me a message
Book a Lactation Consult Without Insurance

All Moms Deserve Breastfeeding Support

~  You Don't Need To Be Struggling ~

Here Are Just Some Of The Reasons To Book a Lactation Consult

Prenatal Concerns

  • You want to learn as much as you can before baby arrives
  • You had problems breastfeeding in the past  
  • You have health issues that could make breastfeeding difficult to get started
  • You have had breast surgery in the past
  • You have questions about your feeding options 
  • more

Baby Concerns

  • You are not sure if baby is getting enough milk
  • Baby is feeding slowly or not staying awake at the breast
  • Baby is not gaining weight well
  • Baby is fussy, choking, or not able to stay on the breast
  • Baby is receiving supplementation
  • Spitting/gassy/reflux (breast or bottle feeding)
  • Multiple/Preemie birth
  • more 

Mom Concerns

  • You are concerned about your milk supply - too little or too much
  • You have painful, cracked or bleeding nipples or painful latch
  • Your breasts are engorged 
  • You have mastitis or plugged ducts
  • You will be going back to work or need help with pumping
  • You have questions about weaning
  • You have questions about introducing solid foods 
  • you have questions about formula feeding
  • more 

Love from Dream Baby Mamas

Kate - First Time Mom

LuAnn truly understands families and supports us with practical solutions that are best for the health and wellness of children. After seeing a couple of lactation consultants in the hospital, LuAnn was the only person to help my daughter latch. She always follows up to check in with you and is always so kind and professional. We are so lucky to know LuAnn. 

Jennifer Hunt - Working Mom

I’m breastfeeding my daughter and was incredibly anxious about losing my milk supply while traveling for work. I asked several experienced friends, but never quite got the answers I needed to help me feel comfortable hopping on a plane without being able to nurse my baby. LuAnn asked 4 quick questions and then gave me the info I needed to make a decision that was right for me and my baby. I went on my work trip with confidence and only wish I’d asked LuAnn for advice sooner. 


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