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Motherhood is the only job we have that doesn't come with an instruction manual. But, we mamas expect to show up on the first day with no orientation and perform the job perfectly. Asking for help has somehow come to equal failure.    

Does fever in your child cause you worry and stress?  

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Know when it is safe to watch & wait and when to call your health care provider. 

What would being diaper free look like for you? 

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Potty Training Success

Imagine what it would be like to go somewhere without that diaper bag. Think about what you could do with the money you would save from buying all those diapers. Picture the freedom of going on a vacation with a child who doesn't wear diapers. Learn everything you need to know in just 2 hours to Go Diaper Free once and for all in this video based course.


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Whatever it is that is stealing your joy, I want to help you reach the goals you set for your motherhood journey. 

Maybe you have that one issue that is standing in your way . You feel like if you could just figure this out, everything else would fall into place. Well, stop struggling. Book a baby coaching call and together, we can tackle this frustration that will help get you past this roadblock and on toward having the relationship with your baby you dreamed you would have . 

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Virtual Coaching Call 

Is there one issue that is keeping you awake at night? Something that is keeping you frustrated, confused, overwhelmed? Too many opinions have you confused. Book a coaching call with me and let's work out a plan to help make this manageable for your family. Sometimes evidenced based information and some easy to follow steps makes every thing easier. There is no need to struggle any longer.

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Love from Dream Baby Mamas

Kate - First Time Mom

LuAnn truly understands families and supports us with practical solutions that are best for the health and wellness of children. After seeing a couple of lactation consultants in the hospital, LuAnn was the only person to help my daughter latch. She always follows up to check in with you and is always so kind and professional. We are so lucky to know LuAnn. 

Jennifer Hunt - Working Mom

I’m breastfeeding my daughter and was incredibly anxious about losing my milk supply while traveling for work. I asked several experienced friends, but never quite got the answers I needed to help me feel comfortable hopping on a plane without being able to nurse my baby. LuAnn asked 4 quick questions and then gave me the info I needed to make a decision that was right for me and my baby. I went on my work trip with confidence and only wish I’d asked LuAnn for advice sooner. 


Featured Health & Development Blog Posts

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3 Reasons Why Food Before One Is Not Just For Fun

You have probably heard this catchy phrase.Well, in this blog post, I am going to give you the reasons that I don't believe this is true. These reasons - based on facts -  are going to help  guide you in your decisions to start solid foods for your baby. Because you may be aware that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies begin solid foods at 6 months of age.

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Fever in Babies: When to Worry and When to Watch

Fever in babies and children is probably one of the things parents face that causes you the most fear.  I understand your fear because I have helped countless parents just like you in this situation. So, just like them, I am going to give you some guidelines to follow that will set your mind at ease. These guidelines will help you know what to do when your child has a fever, know when to worry and when you can watch a little while and when to call your healthcare provider.

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A Parent's Guide to Colds, Treatments and Complications 

(and When You Should Call the Doctor)

What can you or should you do to help your child feel better when they have a cold? In this blog, I am going to give you a run down on the common cold signs and symptoms, information about treatment, and conditions that are often complications of colds and when to call the doctor.

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