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I get more questions about sleep than any other. 

Nothing ever prepares you for just how tired you are as a new parent. From the waking every few hours for feedings to the worries that keep us awake at night, the moment we have that baby, we just never sleep quite the same again. But, didn't you have dreams of those sweet bedtime snuggles? Of sharing precious moments with freshly bathed babes in cute little PJs reading bedtime stories and snuggling in your arms while drifting off to sleep? How did bedtime become a time you dread? How did you become so exhausted? How many hours can one bedtime take? How many times can one little baby wake up at night? How long can one toddler cry? How many friends can give you advice? I hear you Sweet Tired Mama. And I have heard all these stories before. And I can help without recommending Crying It Out. If you are ready to get some sleep for you and your baby. You have come to the right place. 

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Quick Start Guide To Getting More Sleep

I Get asked more questions about sleep than anything else. My quick answer? Start by getting your foundations set up. I promise this will change everything. Here is a guide that will give you some quick steps to take to start getting more sleep tonight. 

Love from Dream Baby Mamas

Ali - mom of a happy sleeping baby

Before LuAnn, baby and I both were completely exhausted and frustrated due to excessive night wakings. I was at my breaking point. When LuAnn stepped in, she laid out an easy to understand plan designed especially for my baby. At first I thought it wouldn't work. Boy, was I wrong. I adhered to the plan and in just a few days, I noticed a miraculous difference. Baby was taking regular naps, eating more at feeding times, and generally happier and much more agreeable. And she was sleeping through the night. EVERY night! The relief was heaven sent - just like LuAnn! She is wonderful, patient, full of great ideas, knowledgeable and invaluable. 

Holly- First time mom

I was very hesitant in hiring a sleep consultant because I had read all of the information and I’m also a pediatric nurse and I felt like I was pretty well versed in all of it. We had done a sleep program before, and it had me going crazy trying to get my daughter to sleep and eat at specific times. It wasn’t ideal for our lifestyle, and flat out didn’t work.

But my daughter had just turned a year old and she was still waking up several times a night to nurse.

So, after my consult with LuAnn, I didn't think her techniques were going to work. But I WAS WRONG! My main concern was that I didn’t want to let my daughter learn to fall asleep by crying so long that she just gave up. 

But this didn’t happen with LuAnn. After about a week, my daughter was able to fall asleep on her own after I gave her a kiss, said sweet sleeps, and put her in her crib. NO nursing and she slept all night long

This best part was that LuAnn is so great about communicating and she knows that every baby is different.   I honestly can’t say enough about how wonderful of an experience this was! Highly, highly, highly recommend this experience.

Sleep Like A Baby Custom Sleep Plan

Virtual Sleep Consultation to Develop a Plan to Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems 

Sleep Like A Baby Custom Sleep Plan

  • Is a custom plan designed just for your child's specific sleep needs
  • Focuses on the reasons why your child is not sleeping
  • Gives you specific action steps to take to teach your child good sleep habits 
  • Provides daily support to check progress and adjust the plan as needed 
  • Offers daily encouragement as you move toward your new sleep habits
  • Teaches your child important sleep habits for life
  • Is gentle, kind and loving
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Baby Hunger and Sleep Cues Guide

Does your baby need a nap or need to be fed? This guide will help you decide. 

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