This (False) Belief Could Stop You From Breastfeeding

breastfeeding Oct 07, 2020

What we hear often enough, we start to believe. Those beliefs shape the decisions we make. This is often the case when we are making decisions about parenting and especially breastfeeding. What we have heard from our friends or family or online, we start to believe and before we know it, we start to say things to ourselves like: 

"I won’t be able to breastfeed my baby because my breasts are too small. "


"I can never breastfeed my baby because my breasts are much too large."


If these are things that you have heard, wondered about, or believe they could stop you from breastfeeding your baby. 

These beliefs have stopped a lot of moms from even trying to breastfeed their babies. 

Moms who may be struggling to get started with breastfeeding may find themselves blaming the size of their breasts for their difficulty.  


But, here is the truth:

The size of your breasts does not have anything to do with whether you can breastfeed your...

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4 Tips for Keeping Your Child Warm During the Long Winter Night

sleep Jan 05, 2020

So, last night I walked into my bedroom looking forward to falling into my warm cozy bed only to remember that I washed my sheets and forgot to put them in the dryer. 

Too sleepy to wait for them to dry, I ended up sleeping on top of my mattress cover with just a small lap blanket covering me. And I slept fitfully all night because I got so cold.


As I am currently working on a toddler sleep program, I was reminded that one of the reasons children might wake up during the night is because they are cold. THAT is an easy fix for night waking, so here are a few tips for helping your children stay warm during the night. 


  1. Set the right room temperature

The perfect temperature for sleep for a young child is between 65-70 degrees. It is unsafe for your child’s room to be too warm. A too warm room is a risk for SIDS. AND it is just too uncomfortable to sleep when the room gets too warm. The air in the winter is very dry and when the room is really warm,...

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How to Prepare Your Child for the Fall Time Change

sleep Oct 29, 2019

It’s that time again.

The dreaded time change.

There was a time when we loved “falling back”. Who doesn't love getting an extra hour of sleep? But once you become parents, you join night shift workers and other parents of young kids in the People Who Despise Time Change Club.

It's bad enough that children struggle with sleeping anyway - now something comes along to disrupt the schedule you finally got them used to!


Well have hope, in this post,  I  give you some simple tips to help ease your child into the new fall time change without the sleep deprivation, grumpiness, and early morning wake-ups that this time change usually ushers in.


Take a few minutes to learn these strategies and actually enjoy that extra hour of sleep this year.


(If you want to watch the more detailed video version of this post, check it out here



Tip #1

Transition to the new bedtime

Start moving your...

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Reasons Why Your Child Laughs When Being Disciplined (or other unexpected responses)

discipline Feb 02, 2019

In this last  of a 3 part series on discipline, we are answering a mom's question about why her child laughs when she disciplines him. 

If you missed them, Check out part one on the Differences Between Punishment and Discipline.

Check out part 2 on Tips for More Effective Discipline. 

Want a cheat sheet on Strategies for More Effective Discipline ?  Get your cheat sheet here

You can watch the Part 3 Video Version on the Dream Baby Broadcast YouTube channel below

Why do our children laugh, or cry hysterically, or run and hide or try to distract us or many other things that seem out of place when we discipline our children? 

Are they trying to be disrespectful? Are they trying to get back at us? or make us mad? 

Probably not. 

But, when they don't respond the way that we expect, it can really push our buttons and cause us to lose our cool, if we aren't prepared for this. 

So, let's talk about some of the reasons why kids don't do...

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Tips for More Effective Discipline

discipline Jan 14, 2019

In this 2nd of a two part series on discipline, I give you some tips and strategies for more effective discipline.


If you missed the first part in this series, Discipline vs Punishment check it out here. 

And check out part 3 Reasons Why Your Child Laughs When Being Disciplined here

There are a lot of factors that impact discipline and far too many to discuss in one article. But, in this series, the goal is to help you to be more aware of how you interact with your children, and improve the techniques you use to gain their cooperation without the yelling, nagging and repeating yourself constantly. 

In this article, we discuss some techniques that you can use to improve the effectiveness of your discipline. 

 Would you rather WATCH this episode? Check it out on youTube here




I don't expect you to remember all of these techniques and strategies nor do I expect you to put them into place at one time....

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Punishment or Discipline? Guidelines for Parents for Disciplining Your Children

discipline Nov 13, 2018

Does the act of disciplining your child cause you stress.

You don’t know how to get them to do what you want or to stop doing the things you don’t want?

Does just the thought of discipline brings to mind battles and harsh feelings? Maybe you think of the strict parents who punished you as a child and you have vowed to be different but you don't know what to do? 

I get that.

This is probably one of our least favorite parts of parenting.

But, so much of discipline has to do with your mindset (I can't believe I am even saying this because I feel that this word is SO overused these days!) 

But, in this case, how we think about disciplining our children, and how we view their behavior - has a lot to do with how effective our discipline is. 

So, in this 3 part series on discipline, I am going to talk about the differences in discipline and punishment and give you some guidelines for how to look at your child's behavior and how you view...

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Should My Child Get The Flu Vaccine: Here are 14 facts to help you decide

flu health and safety Nov 02, 2018


After a long hot summer, we all love the cool fall weather and all the fun activities it brings - like apple festivals, pumpkin patches, and halloween.

But the thing we don’t love is that fall signals the start of “Flu Season”.


You have probably heard recommendations to get your flu vaccine early this year.

And maybe you have reservations or questions about whether you should get the vaccine for your child.

I understand your concern. Parents tell me the things they hear from friends and family and the things they read on the internet all the time. It is very hard to know who to listen to and what to believe. 


As a Nurse Practitioner, you can imagine how much illness I am exposed to every season. So, I always get my flu vaccine. 

And, just like the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends, I always urge my patients, friends and family to get their vaccine as well.

And rest assured, I never recommend anything that I would not...

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4 Reasons Why Babies Spit Up (and what you can do about it)

infant health spit up Oct 17, 2018

I have seen a lot of newborns and infants in my years of practice. Many of those spit up. In fact, most of them spit up at some point.

It is normal for babies to spit up.

But, some babies spit up A LOT!

You know those babies that get changed several times a day because they spit up all over their clothes.

You know the moms that always have spit up on their shoulders.

Maybe YOU are that mom. And you are always having to warn your friends and relatives that your baby will probably spit up on them. 


So, why do babies spit up? How do you know if spitting is a problem? And do you just have to live with it or is there anything you can do about it?


In this blog post I am going to give you 4 Reasons Why Your Baby Could Be Spitting Up (along with some tips for What You Can Do About It.

(Make sure you look for the 2 guides I made for you to download in the blog post below)


If you would like to watch the YouTube video version you can watch it here.


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Car Seat Guidelines 2018: When Can I Move My Child?

car seat child safety Oct 04, 2018

You have probably heard that the American Academy of Pediatrics made some changes to their Car Seat Safety Guidelines this month.


But, if you are like most of the parents I know, you don’t have time to look those up and try to sort through what has changed and why.


So don’t worry, part of what I do at the Dream Baby Cafe is take that research off your hands so you have more time to enjoy your baby. (You're welcome!)


In this article I update you on the recent recommendations by the AAP on Guidelines for Car Seat Safety -  including when to transition your child from the car seat at the different stages of development.

If you want to watch the YouTube version of this article with just the highlights you can watch it here:

Maybe you are not aware that automobile accidents are the leading cause of death among children greater than one.

As a parent, I know that you spend a lot of your time worrying about your children’s health and...

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How Can I Prepare For The 4 Month Sleep Regression?

I probably get asked more questions about the 4 month sleep regression than any other questions. Just what is this anyway? In this blog post, I break this down for you with some strategies for dealing with this and maybe even avoiding the sleepless nights by putting some good habits in place from the start.

You can read this detailed version or watch the shorter version in video below.

Newborn sleep is governed by two things -  being tired and hungry. It is pretty simple. They sleep when they are tired and they wake up when they are hungry.  But as babies get older - somewhere around 4 months they begin to develop a more mature sleep pattern which is regulated by the sleep hormones of cortisol - which wakes us up in the morning and melatonin which makes up sleepy at night. 

Our daytime schedule and dark and night play a big role in baby sleep as well (all tied in with these hormones).

As your baby's natural circadium rhythms start to get regulated, their schedules can...

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