4 Tips for Keeping Your Child Warm During the Long Winter Night

sleep Jan 05, 2020

So, last night I walked into my bedroom looking forward to falling into my warm cozy bed only to remember that I washed my sheets and forgot to put them in the dryer. 

Too sleepy to wait for them to dry, I ended up sleeping on top of my mattress cover with just a small lap blanket covering me. And I slept fitfully all night because I got so cold.


As I am currently working on a toddler sleep program, I was reminded that one of the reasons children might wake up during the night is because they are cold. THAT is an easy fix for night waking, so here are a few tips for helping your children stay warm during the night. 


  1. Set the right room temperature

The perfect temperature for sleep for a young child is between 65-70 degrees. It is unsafe for your child’s room to be too warm. A too warm room is a risk for SIDS. AND it is just too uncomfortable to sleep when the room gets too warm. The air in the winter is very dry and when the room is really warm,...

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How to Prepare Your Child for the Fall Time Change

sleep Oct 29, 2019

It’s that time again.

The dreaded time change.

There was a time when we loved “falling back”. Who doesn't love getting an extra hour of sleep? But once you become parents, you join night shift workers and other parents of young kids in the People Who Despise Time Change Club.

It's bad enough that children struggle with sleeping anyway - now something comes along to disrupt the schedule you finally got them used to!


Well have hope, in this post,  I  give you some simple tips to help ease your child into the new fall time change without the sleep deprivation, grumpiness, and early morning wake-ups that this time change usually ushers in.


Take a few minutes to learn these strategies and actually enjoy that extra hour of sleep this year.


(If you want to watch the more detailed video version of this post, check it out here



Tip #1

Transition to the new bedtime

Start moving your...

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