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Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful parts of motherhood. But, it can be really challenging as well. It is a definitely a journey and I am here to guide you along the way. Whether you are pregnant and just learning, in the early days of feeding, struggling and need some help, going back to work, weaning or anywhere in between, the breastfeeding resource page is the place to start. 

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Newborn Care

These sweet babies we dream of can be a lot more challenging to figure out to care for in every day life. That is why I have created for you tips and strategies for the most common questions moms have asked me about over the past 25 years such as what to expect in those first few days and weeks, how to calm a fussy baby, feeding, and so much more. This is your newborn place to start. 

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Sleep Coaching

I get more questions about sleep than any other topic. This is clearly the issue that is the most confusing for moms - everyone has an opinion and doesn't mind sharing it with you! No wonder you are so exhausted. No matter what the age of your child, we can work together  to improve your family's sleep with age appropriate methods that are gentle and loving and support breastfeeding too. 


Health & Development

if you are searching for information about common childhood illnesses or ages and stages of development, this is your starting point. Here you will find evidence based information from reliable pediatric sources on the most common pediatric conditions your child may experience. When your child is sick, you need to have a source you can trust. 

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Kind Words from Happy Parents 


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Elizabeth ~ Mom of M&GC

LuAnn has been an invaluable resource who has helped us through some really trying times with our babies. When my son was a baby, he refused to sleep in his crib. With LuAnn’s help, we were able to get him to sleep in his room without the harsh methods that were recommended by other people. When my daughter was born, breastfeeding was a challenge. LuAnn came to the rescue again and showed me how to achieve proper latch and helped my baby gain weight and she is now thriving. I am eternally grateful to have LuAnn to guide us through this messy thing called parenting. 

~Elizabeth, mom of GlennCarl and Melanie

Ashley ~ expectant mommy

 I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all the helpful advice you give. I will be a first time mom. I am almost 7 months pregnant and quite frankly (although I am blessed and excited) I am also terrified of becoming a mother sometimes. Your detailed posts with advice and words of encouragement really help me when I feel a bit shaky. 

Ashley - expectant mom 

Jenny~ Mom of 2 girls

I found LuAnn and the Dream Baby Cafe when my second child was about 5 weeks old. LuAnn and the DBC mamas have been a tremendous help to me as I transition from mom-of-one to mom-of-two! I have asked so many questions - anything from breastfeeding to sibling rivalry, and LuAnn always has great fact-based advice and I really trust her! This year a stomach bug got everyone in my house and, thanks to LuAnn’s advice, I knew exactly what to do to get myself and my family through it. I know I can always rely on her and the other mamas in the group to give me non-judgemental advice and support. I’m so happy to be a part of this community. 

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